"Everyone knows Jesus Christ, Pele and Coca Cola" - famous phrases of the football king

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May 04, 2023
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"Everyone knows Jesus Christ, Pele and Coca Cola" - famous phrases of the football king

Brazilian football legend Pele died at the age of 82. Here are the famous phrases of the king of football:

“Success is never an accident. It is the result of hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and, above all, love for what you do.”

“Penalty is the most “cowardly” way to score a goal”.

“Everything is practice.”

“I don’t agree that there are born footballers. Maybe you are born with certain skills and talents, but to be honest, I don’t believe anyone is born to be a top class footballer.”

“If you are the first, you are the first. If you are the second, no one.”

“The harder the victory, the greater the happiness it brings.”

“People argue, Pele or Maradona. Di Stefano is the best, he is more complete.”

“Ambition should always be an elegant game.”

“Brazil eats, drinks and sleeps with football. It lives with football.”

“The World Cup is the best way to distinguish the great in good players, it is the test of great players.”

“Enthusiasm is everything, it has to be stretched like a guitar string.”

“When a player scores a lot of goals, many consider him a great player. A goal is very important, but a great player is someone who can do everything on the field - make a goal pass, encourage his teammates, instill self-belief. A great player always becomes a leader when his team plays badly.”

“Wherever you go, everyone knows three things - Jesus Christ, Pele and Coca Cola.”

“Pele does not die, Pele will never die, Pele remains forever.”

‘When I die one day, I will be happy because I gave everything for it. My sport gave me the opportunity because it is the best sport in the world.”

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