Denmark working on leaving FIFA as a group because of #ONELOVE armbands

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November 24, 2022
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Denmark working on leaving FIFA as a group because of #ONELOVE armbands

Denmark is ready to consider a group exit from FIFA with the football organizations of countries protesting the ban on #OneLove armbands.

The armbands with the mentioned hashtag have the content of a protest against the violation of human rights in Qatar, and FIFA banned their wearing during the World Cup matches. According to the executive director of the Danish Football Association, Jakub Jensen, if the armband was worn, the minimum punishment for the captain of their national team, Simon Kjaer, would be a yellow card.

“On November 21, England requested an extraordinary meeting with FIFA and they visited the British in the hotel. FIFA representatives said that the captain would at least receive a yellow card for wearing the armband. He could be banned from the field or banned from playing in the tournament,” Jensen said.

“211 countries are members of FIFA, and according to the president, 207 members support it. Denmark is among the remaining four and will remain so. We were considering leaving FIFA even before, even though we would have problems. However, leaving one member will not change anything, a similar step is needed by another country. The football associations also resigned and we are working in this direction,” said Jasper Moller, the president of the Danish Football Association.

The Danish national team started its performance at the World Cup in Qatar with a goalless match against Tunisia. The northerners will hold their second match against the French national team, which they managed to defeat twice in the 2022 Nations League.


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