After 3 World Cups in a row, Carlos Queiroz left the Iranian national team

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December 01, 2022
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After 3 World Cups in a row, Carlos Queiroz left the Iranian national team

After leading the team to three consecutive World Cups, Iran’s head coach, Carlos Queiroz, has left the national team.

“Guys and dear friends. In football, it often happens that you don’t win, but that’s not something to shake off. It happens that you can’t fulfill your dreams, but you shouldn’t be blamed for that, because you did everything to win with all the desire and a bold mindset to win.

I am proud of you, because you did everything both on and off the field. It was a great honor and privilege to be a member of this football family. I think you deserve full respect and trust from your country and football fans. I wish everyone happiness, peace, success and health. Thank you”, said Carlos Queiroz.

This was the second term of work for Queiroz in the Iranian national team. For the first time, in 2011-2019, he took the Iranian team to the group stage of the World Cup twice. Then, in his career, there were the national teams of Colombia and Egypt, and on September 7 of this year, before the World Cup, he returned to the national team of Iran.

It is not yet known where the 69-year-old specialist will continue his career, who during his career has worked in a number of teams, including “Sporting” of Lisbon, “Manchester United”, “Real Madrid”, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Egypt.


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